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boored and procrastinating. [Feb. 1st, 2005|12:24 am]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |the movie beaches!!]

[x] gum: the green orbit.
[x] color: pink and green.
[x] restaurant: bertuccis!
[x] drink: IBC rootbeer. (alcoholic: hm screwdrivers or any fruit juice + parrot bay)
[x] season: summer!
[x] type of weather: hot!
[x] emotion: loved and secure.
[x] late-night activity: snuggling?
[x] sport: baseball + basketball.
[x] city: all of western mass.
[x] store: abercrombie or hollister.

[x] cried: um thursday or friday maybe?
[x] played a sport: haha way too long ago.
[x] laughed: probably something matt said.
[x] hugged someone: today.
[x] kissed someone: last tuesday. good-bye to matthew.
[x] felt depressed: uh sunday.
[x] felt overworked: today.
[x] faked sick: hmm..
[x] lied: uh?

______WHAT WAS THE LAST_____
[x] word you said: bye
[x] thing you ate: cool ranch doritos
[x] song you listened to: "glory of love" - bette midler
[x] thing you drank: sprite
[x] place you went to: outtakes
[x] movie you saw: watching beaches now
[x] movie you rented: oh gosh i don't rent movies.

[x] cried over: matt.
[x] danced with: my sistersss.
[x] shared a secret with: ha i don't have secrets i talk about really.
[x] had a sleepover with: chantal!
[x] went to a movie with: chantal and sam.
[x] saw: kaitlyn.
[x] were angry with: matt!

_____HAVE YOU EVER_____
[x] danced in the rain: not really.
[x] kissed someone: yeaa.
[x] done drugs: NOPE.
[x] drank alcohol: yeaa.
[x] slept around: no.
[x] partied 'til the sun came up: meh not til the sun came up.
[x] had a movie marathon: uh huh.
[x] gone too far on a date: never so far i regretted it.
[x] spun until you were immensely dizzy: haha yea
[x] taken a survey quite like this before: yeah sadly

_____MY LIFE_____
[x] name: krystal
[x] gender: female
[x] martial status: not married
[x] occupation: student/poli sci dept

[x] I'm feeling: like i should be doing homework.
[x] I'm listening to: beaches.
[x] I'm doing: this.
[x] I'm talking to: kate kate.
[x] I'm craving: chocolate.
[x] I'm thinking of: how i want to snuggle.
[x] I'm hating: not having my home friends here.

[x] love is: everything.
[x] my first love: brian.
[x] love or lust: love!
[x] best love song: shameless - garth brooks. its your love - tim mcgraw & faith hill
[x] is it possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time: yes and no.
[x] is there such thing as love at first sight: yes!

_____OPPOSITE SEX_____
[x] turn ons: eyes. being romantic. good kisserssss.
[x] do my parent's opinion on my bf matter to me: yes and no.
[x] what kinda hairstyle am i into: short and clean with just the right amount of hair wax ;) or kind of long if its clean and neat. the end.
[x] what is the sweetest thing a guy can do for me: COME SURPRISE ME IN BOSTON. and i <3 flowers and stuffed animals.
[x] where do I go to meet new people: greek stuff?
[x] am I the type of person to holler and ask for numbers: meh depends. havent had to in a while.

[x] how am i today: alright.
[x] what pants am I wearing right now?: sigma black ones.
[x] what shirt am I wearing right now: nu sweatshirt
[x] what does my hair look like at the moment: down
[x] what song am I listening to right now: still beaches.
[x] how is the weather right now: meh too cold.
[x] what time is it: 12:41 am ughh

_____MORE ABOUT ME!_____
[x] what are the last four digits of my phone number: 3221
[x] if I were a crayon, what color would i be: tickle me pink
[x] have I ever almost died: eh not too close.
[x] what's the next cd i'm going to buy: haha who buys cd anymore?
[x] what's the best advice ever given to me: FOLLOW YOUR HEART. no matter what.
[x] what's the stupidest thing I've ever done: oh gosh..
[x] if I could change one thing about myself what would it be: apparently i'm not in shape and am too pale.. thanks meanie :P
[x] where do I shop the most: abercrombie and hollister.
[x] how many kids do I want to have: one or two.
[x] shampoo: pantene pro-v.
[x] what am i most scared of: spiders. dying. being alone. being broken hearted.
[x] how many tv's do i have in my house: 4 at home, 1 in the dorm.
[x] do i have my own tv: yep.
[x] do i have my own phone line: cell phone?
[x] do i sleep with a stuffed animal: no..... O;)
[x] have i ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: no KNOCK ON WOOD
[x] who do i dream about: everyone.
[x] who do i tell my dreams to: depends what they're about.
[x] who's the loudest friend i have: meghan.
[x] who's the quietest friend i have: hmm?
[x] is cheerleading a sport: yes and no.